Research Guides

Cut the Cord

Find alternatives to a typical cable or satellite bill by “cutting the cord.”

With this information, take control of your entertainment viewing options and maybe save some money.

Jobs & Careers

A guide for job seekers and anyone exploring a new career or updating and learning new skills, including resources for creating resumes and cover letters and practicing interviewing skills.

Local History

A guide to resources for the history of Belvedere and Tiburon.

Personal Finance

A guide to personal finance, banking, money, and investment resources.


Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher.

Senior Resources

Find resources of interest to seniors and care givers, including information on aging, health, genealogy, retirement and lifelong learning.

Small Business

A guide with information on marketing, management, consumer resources and legal information to help in the process of planning, financing and running a business.


A guide to local sustainability resources that you can achieve at home.


We provide the printed tax forms we receive from the IRS and the State of California to our users for free. Staff is unable to provide tax advice.